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Model Details:


It is produced in order to satisfy special requirements of firefighters in Europe.

It is tested and certified in accordance with EN 443:2008 standard by independent and accredited laboratories.

Exe Model helmets provide firefighters upmost level of protection that they need. In Exe model helmets that are designed by considering recommendations of professional firefighters; sate of art technology products and quality materials that provide matchless head protection, superior comfort, long useful life and durability.


Properties and Advantages

Superior Comfort

Thanks to its lower center of gravity it provides a balanced standing and increases comfort. There are special reinforcements in places that have contact with head in order to enhance comfort.

Sure Lock® Mechanism for Easy and Quick Wearing

Thanks to  Sure-Lock® helmet mechanism, helmet can be easily adjusted to fit o head of firefighter. In addition to this, thanks to adjustment bars that are placed in front and back of helmet, it is perfectly fits to head and works in conformity with breathing apparatus.

Glass Fiber for Robust and Long Lasting Protection

Exterior body of FXE Model is made of glass fiber composite material. Glass fiber materials are more resistant to chemical attacks and high temperatures compared to thermoplastic materials. FXE models are colored at the stage of molding of exterior body.

Removable Parts for Low Cost Maintenance

Bullard helmets are designed for easy and affordable maintenance. For example, band that encircles the head can be easily removed and cleaned. However, since this bands are stitched and fixed in competitive products, it is impossible to remove and clean these, and thus replacement is over costing.

3M Scothlite® Reflective Bands for Maximum Visibility

FXE helmets are provided with 3M Scotchlite® reflective bands.  These reflective bands do not lose their reflective features at 260°C. This feature makes Scothlite products the most durable goods.

Impact Absorbing Polyurethane Interior Part

There are specially designed polyurethane impact absorbing interiors in FXE Helmets in order to avoid impacts harms firefighters’ heads.

Nonflammable Neck Protection Material

Neck protection material that is made of meta-aramid fiber is used in order to avoid heat and flame ingress through neck of firefighter.

Polycarbonate Tilting Face Shield

There is 1.6mm thick polycarbonate visor in FXE model. This visor protects face against impacts from front while it provides a clear vision at the same time.

Adjustable Chinstrap

Thanks to adjustable chinstrap helmet is easily fit to head.

Bullard - FXE Helmet

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