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Model Details:


Material: 2.5 – 2.7 mm thick waterproof and breathable leather, Chainsaw protection Class 2

Color: Black


Inner Lining: GORE-TEX® Performance


Leg height: 28 cm


Sole: 011, antistatic


The Fire Flash Gamma by HAIX is an indestructible professional boot designed for use by fire fighters and members of the emergency and rescue services. Made of robust, watertight bull leather, it offers outstanding insulation against extreme temperatures and a high degree of comfort. The Fire Flash Gamma is suitable for a multitude of different types of deployment, including tackling vehicle, forest fires and pumping out cellars. 

HAIX - Fire Flash Gamma #503005

Excluding VAT
  • CE 0197 EN 15090:2012 HI3 CI AN M SRC – Kategori F2A