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Every second counts when a fire fighter is sent out on a call. The Florian Europe by HAIX is a slip-on option which saves valuable time in such situations. Simply climb into your boots, and you are ready to go. Pull-on loops at the sides assist with the process, whilst a stretchable material in the interior of the boot ensures that you achieve a snug fit, even when running or climbing ladders.

HAIX - Florian Europe

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  • The job of a fire fighter is extremely physically demanding and places an immense strain on the back and spine. This means that it is important for a fire brigade boot to have a high quality footbed. The Florian Europe uses the patented HAIX MSL System. PU foam is integrated into the whole of the sole area to cushion your steps as you go and reduce any pressure on the bones and joints.

    The Florian Europe also has an anatomically formed inlay sole to support your feet. This encourages an upright body position and a healthy gait.