– It is made of vulcanized rubber component that is resistant against acid, alkali, oil and petrol derivatives.
– In side of boots are undercoated.
– It is produced with steel sole and steel toe in order to increase resistance against mechanical impacts.
–  There are reinforcements made of rubber components at outer surfaces of boots in order to protect ankles, heels, and tibias.
–  Thanks to contrast of yellow and black colors, high visibility is ensured.
–  Boots are produced in conformity with EN 15090:2006 F2IS HI3 P T CI and EN ISO 20345:2004 + A1:2007 SRA SB P CI E standards in order to meet special requirements of firefighters.
– Abrasions that may occur on leather boot surfaces in a short period of time, occur significantly later in rubber boots.
– Since outer surface is made of rubber, no cracks and dehiscence occur
– There are two grabbing loops in order to wear boots easily
– Antiskid rubber sole is in conformity with EN 13287 standard.
– It has perfect wearing resistance for extra durability.
– It is designed to resist 18 Kv of current
– It is designed to reduce loads on heels.
– It provides availability in high temperatures with its  HRO performance.


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