Model Details:


Calisia Vulcan type CV 102 is a helmet type B3b (443:2008) which ensures full protection of the firefighter’s ears and forehead. 


Helmet set includes only visor and goggle, neck protector and torch are not included. 


Innovation combined with comfort
The Calisia Vulcan fire helmet was designed taking into account the growing requirements and needs of firefighters. The new solutions introduced are primarily aimed at increasing the utility values. The latest technologies and top quality materials have been used for production of the helmet. This makes the helmet lightweight and characterised by excellent protective, utility and construction properties. In difficult, extreme conditions the helmet ensures the highest level of safety.


Safety in extreme conditions

  • Resistance of the shell to impacts, punctures and lateral compression.
  • Full protection at low and high temperatures, resistance to flame and heat flux (tests at 1000°C).
  • Resistance to molten iron
  • Eyes and face shields (goggles and visor) meeting the requirements of EN 14458:2018, EN 171:2002, EN 168: 2001 standards, resistant to high temperatures, flames, chemicals, protecting against infrared radiation with anti-scratch, anti-fog filter.
  • 3M® reflective elements ensure the firefighter is visible

Intechplast - Calisia Vulcan CV 102 Type 2

Excluding VAT
    • EN 443:2008, EN 16471:2014 and EN 16473:2014 which is confirmed by EU type examination certificate issued by a notified body
    • No. 0497 CSI S.p.A. and the certificate of admittance issued by the notified body No. 1438 CNBOP-PIB. It also has a certificate of compliance with Directive 2014/90/EU (MED) marine fire-fighting equipment issued by the notified body No. 1463 Polish Register of Shipping [Polski Rejestr Statków S.A.]. In addition, it meets the requirements of the GA44-2015 standard applicable in China.