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FHR 006 Max PL boots for firefighters are special high-safety boots intended for use in extreme conditions, including fire suppres­sion and protection operations.



  • The boots meet the requirements of the EN 15090:2012 standard for type 2 firefighter’s shoes.
  • Third grade thermal resistance, HI3 (contact with surface temperatures of 250 °C for up to 40 minutes).
  • Steel-toe finished with an abrasion-resistant rubber edge, resistant to 200 J impact and 1,500 N piercing.
  • They are made from hydrophobic grain leather, embossed (model 006 PL) or smooth (model 006), specially impreg­nated, fireproof and waterproof for 180 minutes.
  • They ensure good visibility for the user thanks to non-com­bustible 3M reflective tapes.
  • The seams are made with non-combustible meta-aramid stitched threads.
  • Loops used instead of hooks in the lace system prevent the risk of snagging.



  • IBISAFE® — a sole insert made of para-aramid, used instead of a steel insert, makes the boots light and makes the sole non-piercable and, at the same time, flexible and provides excellent thermal insu­lation properties.
  • TE-POR® — a waterproof and air-permeable membrane that enables sweat to escape, improves hygienic characteristics, stops water, and ensures high comfort in all weather conditions.
  • A NITRIL® sole made of black vulcanized rubber which protects against freezing and high temperatures; it is ergonomic, antistatic, anti-slip, acid- and oil-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • A back bend zones.
  • Additional plastic ankle protection.
  • Lining around the ankles.
  • A leather grip for putting the boots on quickly.
  • A soft collar in the upper part of the boot.
  • A tongue that matches human anatomy.
  • A system to lock the zipper in the closed position.

Intechplast FHR 006

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  • EN 15090:2006 Firefighter boots