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The boots meet the requirements of the EN 15090:2012 standard for type 2 firefighter’s shoes. Third grade thermal resistance, HI3 (contact with surface temperatures of 250 °C for up to 40 minutes). Steel-toe finished with an abrasion-resistant rubber edge, resistant to 200 J impact and 1,500 N piercing. They are made of hydrophobic grain leather, embossed (model 005 PL) or smooth (model 005), specially impregnated, fireproof and waterproof for 180 minutes. They ensure good visibility for the user thanks to non-combustible 3M reflective tapes. The seams are made with non-combustible NOMEX® stitched threads.



IBISAFE® - a sole insert made of Kevlar®, used instead of a steel insert, makes the boots light and makes the sole non-piercable and, at the same time, flexible and provides excellent thermal insulation properties. TE-POR® - a waterproof and air-permeable membrane that enables sweat to escape, improves hygienic characteristics, stops water, and ensures high comfort in all weather conditions. A NITRIL® sole made of black vulcanized rubber which protects against freezing and high temperatures; it is ergonomic, antistatic, anti-slip, acid- and oil-resistant, and easy to clean. A back and front bend zones. Additional plastic ankle protection. Lining around the ankles. A leather grip for putting the boots on quickly. A soft collar in the upper part of the boot.

Rescue Boot Leather - FHR 014 / Intechplast

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  • EN 15090:2012