Expertly designed for maritime and industrial environments, our entry level Spiromatic 90U is the ideal breathing apparatus for fire-fighting. Delivering both Interspiro performance and competitive pricing, this unit is built upon the proven and reliable S-Mask/ breathing valve and plug-in regulator. The mask’s positive pressure eliminates inward leakage of gases, vapours and liquids from the surrounding environment and is equipped with an optional ambient air hatch, allowing users to switch to ambient air whilst in stand-by. For maximum safety, the high capacity regulator is equipped with a safety valve. In addition to this, an audible warning is placed on the chest; the alarm will be heard even under the noisiest of conditions. Equipped with padded shoulder straps and easily adjusted hip belt buckles, the harness provides good comfort for all users.

INTERSPIRO Spiromatic 90 U

PriceFrom €670.00
Excluding VAT
  • Mask Body Natural Rubber
    Inner Mask Natural Rubber
    Visor Heat Resistant Polycarbonate
    Breathing Valve Heat Resistant Polyamide
    Membrane Silicone with special treatment for better performance at low temperatures
    High Pressure Hoses Tefsel Over Stainless Steel
    Medium Pressure Hoses EPDM
    High Pressure Parts Nickel / Chromium Plated Brass
    Backplate Heat resistant Polymer
    Webbing Kevlar
    Material Steel
    Pressure 300 bar
    Dimensions 200 x 570 x 280 mm
    Weight 4.5 kg