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– ISOTHERM provides a unique cooling performance. Unlike ice and gel packs that lose their effects over time, ISOTHERM cool vests can be keep constant temperature of 13°C fır hours.
– ISOTHERM helps reduce risk of occurrence of diseases related with temperature that may occur in nowadays hard working conditions
– ISOTHERM has light, quick charged, easy to use and reusable front/back cold pack system that constantly cools upper body of worker
– Vest have feature to be easily adjustable in order to provide maximum comfort and flexibility
– They are designed to keep constant temperature of 13°C.
– They provide protection for 2 hours at 22 °C.
– Ergonomic design, which is designed to ensure practical and easy use in the field.
– Completely adjustable
– Can be charged in 20 minutes
– Increases productivity by 22%
– Cooling time only depends on working activity and environmental conditions.
– Material of vest is nonflammable.
– Its weight is approximately 2,9 kg.

Cooling Vest - MX3004 High Vis Yellow

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