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» Jacket with front flap closed by means of zipper and snap buttons

» Patch pocket with flap on left chest

» Right chest patch pocket with flap and snap buttons

» Two patch pockets with flap on jacket hem

» Cuff adjustment by means of snap buttons

» Orange pieces on shoulders to improve visibility


Chainsaw protective EN 381-5 Class 1 certified bib trousers provides superior level of protection thanks to its chainsaw protective layer. For layer details please view layer options tab.

Orange pieces improve visibility.

Chainsaw protective bib trousers is designed for lumbering and stringer operators and they stop chainsaws thanks to their protective layers and prevents damages to persons.


Outstanding Features:

  • Bib trousers with elastic suspenders
  • Buckles for suspender height adjustment
  • Front flap closed with zipper
  • Lateral closure with buttons
  • Patch pocket with zipper on chest
  • Side pockets
  • Patch pocket with flap on the right of back
  • Two ventilating pockets with zipper on the back
  • Orange pieces on trotters to improve visibility

Timber - Trousers (Multilayer) Kıvanç Chainsaw Protection Form A Class 1 848126

SKU: 848126
Excluding VAT
  • Layer: #864 Forestar 225

    EN 381-5 Form A Class 1

    Outershell: DK PESCO 235 (35/65)
    Inner Lining: IA Cotton 150 (For Cutting)