EN 1486  certified aluminized gloves are designed to protect the wearer against high radiant, convective and contact heat, and consist of outershell, moisture barrier and heat barrier available with 2 layer options.

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Main application areas are classified as Airport Personnel, Aluminium Workers, Automotive Industry, Cement Industry, Ceramic Industry, Railways, Glass Industry, Iron & Steel Industry, Shipbuilding, Welding.

Tyler - Glove

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  • Layer: ADK APC 500 #003

    Outershell: ADK APC 500 Aluminized Glass Fabric  
    Heat Barrier: IB 130+130+130 g/m2 Three layers of Aramid felt quilted to an Aramid/Viscose FR 120 g/m2 inner lining (Melange) (510 g/m2) #5005 

    EN 1486