EN ISO 11612 certified aluminized gaiters are designed to protect the wearer against high radiant, convective and contact heat, and are available with 3 layer options.

Gaiters standards change based on fabric selection.For details please view layer options tab.

Main application areas are classified as Airport Personnel, Aluminium Workers, Automotive Industry, Cement Industry, Ceramic Industry, Railways, Glass Industry, Iron & Steel Industry, Shipbuilding, Welding.

Vincent - Gaiter

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  • Layer: Proban Antistatic 335 #329

    Outershell: DK FR Cotton Antistatic 335 (99/1) FC #329

    EN ISO 11612(A1; B1; C1; E2; F1)
    EN 1149-3
    EN 1149-5
    EN ISO 11611 Class-1